What is the objective of your process when working out?    Most will say “become better in running” or “become pain free” or “dominate in my sport.”  All those are great, but as you have seen in my website it’s a process and really never ends.  It only changes.
I’m going to pick on the squat as an objective and how this is the go-to exercise for lower body strength and power.   It’s a great exercise with many benefits but what about all those joints that are working to control that motion?  What about that coach who says “ass to the grass” or it’s not a squat?   I think the squat is pretty awesome, after all, we have to do this most days to function don’t we?  Getting up from the toilet or picking up something are even deadlift/squat type motions.
But aren’t vertical jumps and leg leg extensions or bridges or pistol squats on the box squat-related and sport specific then?
I’m going to take it one step further and lets just say you feel one leg is stronger. If we strengthen the other then jumping or cutting you will certainly feel a difference.  If you have an athlete and you work on better knee extension or better ankle dorsiflexion, won’t that make him or her better in the squat?  This is all considering that one side needs more range and work, of course after your evaluation process.  The point I’m trying to make is these exercises are segments and parts of the squat and you don’t have to actually “squat” in your training session to work on squats, do you?   Seems simple, but many trainers think you have do that exercise to work on just that.   The client’s knee extension improved from the beginning of the session to the end, so that’s great.   And I’ll bet you a pre-workout drink that the athlete’s squat just got better and we didn’t even do squats that day.   After taking a break from squats and working on your problem area then go back and see if that squat motion improved, I bet it did.
Stay tuned into my blog for more posts on articles for squat and ankle tests to evaluate yourself and improve.    Maybe if I started young my squat would like that BABY?
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