Become a Better Trainer and Coach

Not in any specific order but all are important in my development as trainer and as a person.  I hope you find them as useful as I do.  Some are borrowed from others while others are my own growth process.  Enjoy and feel free to borrow as many as you wish.

  1. Develop a process for your training. After that process is solid continue to tweak it don’t settle.
  2. Is your training the same as it was last year? If so your not getting better.
  3. Do you attract the clients and friends you value as people?
  4. Make conversations about the other people.
  5. Its amazing what you can learn from listening to others talk.
  6. Do one or more good outside your comfort zone acts and they will become normal soon enough.
  7. Don’t hang around people more than 10-20% of the time if they aren’t making you better.
  8. What do you value and do your friends have those traits? If not get new friends.
  9. When training avoid bias options and exercises its not about what you like.
  10. What progression can you do before the one you want to do?

As you can hopefully see many of these cross-over to life and everyday. I know its not easy but small things add up to make greatness.

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