I only strength train

           (You know this is false, but keep reading.)
This is for the majority of people who’ve finished competitive sports and just want to DOMINATE at life.  (BUT, if you’re a high school or college athlete, you’re going to get some great training points from this post, so keep reading.)
For many of us it’s hard deciding what is best for our health and staying injury free. What should we do and why?    I’m going to give some very biased views that are backed up by 15-plus years as a trainer.  Remember, it’s not about a certain form of training, it’s about what is best for your body’s health.    I might anger a few people with these ideas but I’m all about helping empower your thought processes with this post, not bashing any form of training modality.
  1. If you don’t have strength, your alignment, posture, and overall health will go down.
  2. Compare the people who are just on the treadmill with the free weight and machine gym people, how do they differ in posture and appearance?
  3. The first things to go as we age are range of motion and power.  Would strength training help prevent this?
  4. Power is the ability to produce strength fast and this changes as we age.   Power to an older client might moving quickly after stepping off a curb to avoid a car.  Kind of important.
  5. All exercise choices have pros and cons.  Figure out what is best for your body and your joints. Don’t know? Ask a few knowledgeable sources.
  6. Don’t buy into sales pitches saying certain forms of training are best for weight loss or best for flexibility without figuring out more about your body, its needs, and its history.
Its not required, but I highly recommend getting with a qualified trainer, chiropractor, or physical therapist and going over your health history and past injuries with them to figure out what is best for your journey.  We sometimes spend time dropping off our cars to get an oil change and tire rotation but won’t spend time on the most important machine we have, ourselves.
If you’re not having any issues I wouldn’t push this, but if you’re starting to feel those old sports injuries or new joint pains it’s best to change your current path so you stay as healthy as possible. Many fitness professionals will want you to train with them or sign up for a package (which might be great) but if you’re not into training with someone, get some solid knowledge and just do check-ins with them.
My other point is, without going over your health history and doing some range of motion evaluations, anyone is just guessing what is best for your body’s health.   So get some new knowledge and train smarter for you, don’t just do what you see on TV or in the gym.  Your makeup is different from the person’s next to you or on the screen.
Oh yeah, and if you have any random questions about what might be best for you, feel free to contact me on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll talk.   All links are on my website to the right.   I can, and will, only give you what I know from the information you give me.
Happy training.
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