Team and Progression Training for High School Coaches

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at the Florida High School coaching clinic in St. Petersburg, Florida.  My goal was to equip the coaches with tools they can take and implement in their weight room as well as on the court training.  While the coaches are experts in their fields the following are a few simple tools that can enhance their programs.


  1. At the beginning of every session, teach body movement, bodyweight power and speed.
  2. While Olympic lifts are power, teach the athletes functional power which is bodyweight control.
  3. Add more negatives and holds to every lifting program and progression.
  4. Adding stability exercises into your workouts after a core strength exercise will benefit your athletes.

Example:  Barbell squats to single leg squat reach or med. Ball lunge matrix

Example:  Bench presses to bodyweight then push up

Example:  DB squats to glute bridges

Program Design Example for Lower Body Focus

  1. Dynamic Warm-up: high knees, lunge matrix, jogs, acceleration runs.
    15 minutes
  2. Movement and power with the focus on bodyweight and control before adding Olympic Lifts. Teach more holds, landing softly and moving in three directions.  Cone drills are good with simple 5 to 10 seconds of work rates at a 100 percent effort.
    30 minutes
  3. Focus in the weight room on lower body strength. Use machines and other available equipment that will allow you to concentrate on the negatives then holding on the bottom before the concentric action.
  4. Stay organized. Have your core 5-6 lifts and superset them with a bodyweight stability exercise. To make it easier on the coach set up a timer using 1 minute work rates. 30 seconds on the lift, 30 seconds on the bodyweight lift and 30 second transition period.
  5. You will be amazed at the work you can accomplish when you conduct the program that is structured and organized for the athletes. The results will speak for themselves.

For more information and training tips to help your athletes please check my youtube pages.  As roles models for the kids in sports and the game of life, coaches are able to set the example through organization, preparation and continuing education.

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